Little Aryans kept its students engaged throughout the lockdown!

Little Aryans Pre- K’s unstinted dedication towards providing continued learning opportunities has led it to become “The first Pre-school in India to be a Microsoft Showcase School”

Our teachers are our biggest assets! The ones who breathe life into the classes. They are touching the lives of many early learners whose normal learning is hindered in every way possible. Thanks to our teachers their foundational learning continues at Little Aryans Pre- K.

All our teachers are Microsoft Innovative Educators! They are technologically equipped to create engaging lessons using 3D images, PowerPoint Presentations, Gamification, and much more. They are 21st Century Teachers in the truest sense.

Little Aryans Pre- K’s remote learning sessions are a mix of synchronous and asynchronous activities. Therefore, we ensure that the online screen time for our students is limited to 40 minutes each day, followed by offline activities via apps such as Flipgrid that children can perform with the help of their parents, in their own free time, as per their interest levels. This ensures that our tiny tots and parents are not over-burdened.

Student- Teacher Ratio-

We ensure a 12:2 ratio during our remote learning classes. The distance of lack of physical classes is not further widened as we ensure that each child participates and is engaged positively in a class.

Integration of assessments and hands-

on activities-Each remote learning, the session is a carefully planned, experiential, activity-based session that removes the monotony and one-sidedness associated with remote learning. Clubbed with ongoing, day-to-day assessments, these become an enriching experience not just for children but also their parents who are a part of the educational journey of their child, now more than ever.

Digital Safety-

Every class is monitored and recorded, keeping a check on the digital safety protocols to avoid any misuse or deviations with this regard.

Our curriculum is a mix of scholastic and co-scholastic sessions that are beautifully integrated to create joyful learning experiences.

The humane touch and the joy of celebration are kept alive even when social distancing is imposed on children. Cultural events and special days are celebrated with a renewed fervour.

Experiential hands-on learning kits are made available to each child, right at their doorsteps. Home learning kits along with worksheets are cleverly used for online and offline activities.