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The day of an Aryan

The day of an Aryan at school is rich in experience, filled with joy and happiness, keeping in mind the age-appropriate learning moments. The curriculum ensures physical fitness, mental agility, learning skills and language as well as spiritual development. The children are encouraged to explore, create, communicate, interact, question, solve problems, think, reason, present, appreciate and have fun with one another. The Little Aryans Pre-K are very busy learning, talking, building, painting, scribbling, diffing, splashing and pounding.

The curriculum for Playgroup and Nursery follows a Theme based learning. Activities, games, stories, science concepts and math concepts, based on familiar themes that children can relate to, are integrated to provide for holistic learning. The Jr.KG and Sr.KG curriculum has Centre Based learning, where the children indulge in active learning moving through the different learning centres namely, Alpha centre, Math centre, Theme centre and Language Development Program (LDP) Centre. These independent learning centres allow teachers to create time and space for the children to extend thematic learning, experiment with open-ended materials and engage in sensory experiences.

Through Little Aryans Pre-K, irrespective of the level, the children are provided with quality education through the Chinmaya Vision Program, a value-based program. Gradually moving from 2 hours at Playgroup level to 3 hours and 45 minutes at the Sr.KG level, the focus at Little Aryans Pre-K remains to provide joyful years of learning in a stimulating environment. The activities planned progress from simple to complex, individual to group, concrete to abstract keeping in mind the developmental milestones of the children.

Finally, after his/her journey at Little Aryans Pre-K for 3 or 4 years, the children have an enriched foundation to take on formal learning at the primary school.

Chinmaya Vision Programme (CVP)

“Children are lamps to be lit, not vessels to be filled.” (H. H. Swami Chinmayananda)

A child’s world includes his/her parents, family, school and society. When the parents, the administration staff, and teachers work together with the common goal of education, a great deal can be accomplished. Chinmaya Vision Programme unites the family and school to create a strong backbone for the child’s growth through various cultural events, celebrations, festivals, Geeta chanting and value education.

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Center-Based Learning

The core of Little Aryans Pre-K is the widely acclaimed world-class Little Aryans Pre-K system of preschool education, which has been designed by our Education Cell (R & D) headed by Mrs. Neelam Malik, who conceived and started the pre-school in 2006. This system embodies the right balance between guidance and freedom for the child. It provides a carefully planned and structured environment in which the child grows and learns in a natural way.

As a part of this Little Aryan’s Pre-K system, a series of sought-after books, worksheets and activity material have been custom-developed exclusively for children. These are updated regularly by the Education Cell ( R& D) team on the basis of international educational trends.

Salient Features at Little Aryans Pre-K

  • No Classroom method
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Unique Thematic Curriculum
  • Managed by qualified and renowned educationists
  • Use of Innovative Techniques
  • Learning based on Hands on Experience
  • Learning at defined centers
  • Interactive Board
  • No Homework
  • (CVP) Chinmaya Vision Programme (Value Based Education)
  • Ideal teacher-child ratio
  • Child centric curriculum to provide holistic learning
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Snack Time

Little Aryans Pre-K encourage the children to eat fresh, healthy and home-made food.

Little Aryans Pre-K believes that a nutritious and well balanced meal cooked by the parent with love makes eating a pleasure.

Monday Any kind of Sandwich and Sprouts
Tuesday Sabudana Kichidi, Wada, Poha, Upma and Nuts
Wednesday Chapati & Bhaji and Salad
Thursday Idli/ Dosa/ Dhokla and Dry-fruits
Friday Fruits that are not messy

Innovative Teaching Techniques

Children at Little Aryans Pre-K learn through sensory stimulation. We work on developing their interest in learning by arousing their curiosity through sensory activities that engage them in making use of the five senses to observe, listen, explore, think and imagine.

1. Learning by doing: We get children actively involved in learning by giving them hands on activities.

2. Learning through play:  We develop their potential through meaningful and inspiring learning experiences.

3. A sense of achievement: We provide continuous encouragement, support and positive feedback that reinforces learning and  fosters self-motivation.

  • Gross motor development
  • Fine motor development
  • Language development
  • Cognitive skill development
  • Social development
  • Personality / emotional development
  • Creative arts and music
  • Practical life (Care of self and environment)
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Abacus and Vedic Maths

Abacus and Vedic Maths classes are mainly  concentration development program.  It develops the brain of a child, which helps the child not only in math but in all other subjects also.  It helps in exercising the brain and there by improve creativity concentration, concentration, confidence and thus imparts techniques to do the fast calculations.